3 maart 2011

Kidsproof camera tutorial

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was exhausted after my husbands birthday. Especially since the dynamic duo decided not to sleep, eat or play. But I understand that a birthday in the family is a huge event when you're one or two years old!!!

I'll show you the lego cake later, but I can't promise you tutorial-lovin' folk a tutorial and not deliver. So here it is... The ultimate kidsproof camera!

Our delightful model showing the camera:

It's super easy to make! Just download this pdf to your pc and print the file on some cardstock. Follow the instructions and you could be the proud owner of a real unbreakable camera! Of course you can't take actual pictures with it, but nevertheless, it looks fun, huh?

This is what the file looks like:

So take out your scissors, glue and go crazy!

1 opmerking:

  1. Leuk, leuk, leuk. Ben meteen aan de slag gegaan met een eigen twist. Ik heb je pdf´je gebruikt om een stoffen variant te maken. Zie suusgeniet.blogspot.com. Bedankt voor het idee! Suus