12 maart 2012

Lego Photo Frame tutorial

By now you know that we are totally obsessed with legos. At least my husband is. So I made him a photo frame with his favorite toy.

just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad

just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad

If you want to make your own, it's really easy. This picture will show you all you need to know. I superglued the blocks together so it's easier to change the picture inside, the only loose part is the green sheet. You will need:

One large lego sheet for backing
Several smaller lego sheets as the bottom of your frame
Lego bricks

Make a frame from the smaller lego sheets. Glue the bricks on top. Make sure that the bricks overlap the sheets one row in the center so your picture will slide neatly underneath the bricks. I do advise to build the frame without the glue first, so you know where the bricks should go!!! Glue a row of bricks at the back on the bottom side of your frame. These will make it easierfor the frame to stay upright. Cut a picture to size and put it in the frame. Place the large sheet and voila, you are ready to go!!!

just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad

This birthday season (six birthdays in two months) I am really into photo frames. You'll see more of these soon, all suitable for kids crafts!

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  1. hoi, heb de eerste foto een uurtje geleden gepint en wou je laten weten dat hij nu al 42 keer opnieuw gepind is en 13 likes!!! een succes dus ;-) http://pinterest.com/pin/114560384241269779/

  2. Thanks! Het dynamic duo wordt zo wel beroemd!!! ;-)