19 april 2012

A friend for Otis

There is one swap that I am feeling bad about. It's a "make something for my ..." swap. Your swap partner decides on something that you should make something for. Complicated, huh! Just wait! My swap partner was a Vintage scooter from 1974!!!! his name is Otis and he needed a friend.

I have started so many things for Otis. I made him half a garland, for his handlebars. I made him half a bag for extra tools (we have experience with vintage motorcycles and believe me, extra tools are not a luxury!). I made him half a flower for his handlebars. In fact, I made him about seven half items. But I was never satisfied with the result, so I kept starting over. Until I was flipping through one of my craftbooks. And suddenly I knew!!!

I made Otis a little friend. Her name is Youkou, which is supposed to mean Sunshine (but the translator I used also gave "Sunshain" as a translation option, so I can't say anything about the accuracy of the translation website I used). In Kokeshi dolls, it is tradition (apparently) to give the doll a name that is also what you wish for the person you are giving it to.

So, Otis, dear friend, I hope you will have many rides in the sunshine. Enjoy your company!!!

just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad

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