1 januari 2011

More binky bunnies!!!

Oh yes, I have made two more, since my little boy loves his so much! It really needs to go in the laundry, but he really clings to it... So I made two more, using terry cloth, so they are nice and soft and snuggly! He loves the one with the ladybugs. I made some more to put on Etsy, too. A friend that I sent one told me that her baby loves it too, it even helps him to fall asleep. Yay! Always glad to help a fellow mum!

This one has a terry cloth front and a ladybug back...


And this one has a regular front and a terry cloth back...


Hope you like them!

1 opmerking:

  1. Oh, dit is lief, zeg!! Wat een leuk cadeautje om te geven! Nu maar hopen dat er snel weer heel veel baby'tjes worden geboren! ;-)