23 januari 2011

We're back!!!

Hi y'all!!! I know I promised to post during my holiday, but we just had too much fun. No seriously, the internet connection in our hotel would blow up every few minutes, so after about seven attempts I decided to call it a day. Sorry, I didn't mean to neglect you all.

We had a lovely week though, I'll post some pics of the dynamic duo tomorrow. Today I am still in denial, trying not to see the huge piles of laundry that four (or really, two-and-three-quarters) people can produce in a week. I decided that tomorrow I would start to do something creative and crafty again, but I couldn't help myself so my first batch of cookies is already finished. I have so much inspiration, after a week of no craftiness at all!!!

Tuesday, my little boy will be celebrating his first birthday... Not sure what I'll make for him...

More tomorrow (or even tonight)!

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