4 februari 2011

Getting old... ;-)

No seriously, I'm just joking. Sorry mom... It's her birthday today (I'll be saying that a lot in the next month and a half) and I made her a cake yesterday evening. I bought some extra decoration options at Koek-It, just in case the flowers I had in mind didn't work out. I still have a lot of practice before I can copy things from the Cake Boss, but I still like the result! Too bad we weren't allowed to try a piece, my mom wanted to keep it in one piece so she could show it off all day.

More books tomorrow, by the way. I'm getting more and more custom orders, some of them follow through, some don't, but I'm keeping busy...


1 opmerking:

  1. Nou Maaike, voor zo'n prachtige cake zou ik wel jarig/oud willen worden (bén ik trouwens al, maar .... een mens is zo oud als hij/zij zich voelt! ...toch? )