14 februari 2011

Happy valentine!

I hope you were not disappointed today. What is it with women, we all say we don't want anything because flowers are too expensive this time of year, chocolate makes out butts too big, and cards are commercial nonsense... But expect a big scolding if you forget to think about valentines!!!

Anyway, since we have so many birthdays coming up, I decided to make myself a cake for practice. I did make it easy for myself, I bought a ready made cake from the supermarket and decorated that. I wanted to try and make 'real' flowers, but I need a lot more practice!!!

just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad
just made this picture with my PhotoPal for iPad

1 opmerking:

  1. Nog oefening nodig? Ik zie het niet. Ik vind hem prachtig. Ik zou willen dat ik het zo kon. Dan zou ik hem morgen nog cadeau doen aan mezelf...eh... mijn lief... Bij wijze van iets verlaat valentijnscadeautje. En ik zou er heeeel blij mee zijn!