12 december 2010

It's a sad, sad world...

Yesterday I read some blog messages about designs being stolen from designers and being mass produced and sold. Of course that is an outrage. I would be very upset if that happened to me. I commented on the blog and that didn't make me very happy either. It was confirmed again that I am not a designer (I know I'm not, and I've never pretended to be!) but just a crafter, and that it was really easy to make books and cover them in someone elses fabrics. And even though it almost brought tears to my eyes, in essence, they were right. It is really easy. But it is also fun!!! And the fabrics are so yummy that it's almost a crime not to use them!

Anyway, I did decide that I need to make some more original pieces. So today I made a small start with some book covers that I will be using soon inspired by our lovely little country. I hope you like them.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat meen je niet hebben ze dat zo tegen je gezegd?
    wij bepaald dat dan vraag ik me af?

    Maar goed vind je stofje voor je notebook erg leuk.


  2. Niemand is ooit totaal origineel. Volgens mij zit alles wat iedereen maakt tussen helemaal nagemaakt en helemaal nieuw in. En de ene keer heb je meer inspiratie dan de andere keer. En je ontwikkelt je tijdens het proces!

    Maar buiten dat: ik vind wat je hebt gemaakt naar aanleiding daarvan erg mooi!!! En wat je daarvoor maakte ook trouwens!! (Eerlijk gezegd zie ik in de blogs die ik volg niet veel hetzelfde als ik hier zie!!)

    Laat je niet naar beneden praten Maaike!!

  3. Hi -

    I found your blog from the conversation on Poppytalk - Keep making!

    I hope the reactions don't discourage you, there is so much inpiration out there and I think they were down on people who are actually "copying / ripping-off" rather than people who are inspired by someone's work and make it their own.

    I think that their comment on making books was meant more as a way to say that there are some standards (for example, if you design a clock, it will probably have 12 numbers in a circle - but that doesn't mean you are "copying" the clock from anyone... it is a convention.)

    So, if you are making book covers, there are very few ways to make book covers - but so many ways to *decorate* them, and the decoration is the originality you bring to the design!

    Hope your outlook today is more cheery!

    ps. Love the bear toy with the rosy cheeks - soooooo cute!