14 november 2010

Fine art ;-)

In Holland, we have a really nice tradition. Basically, we lie to our children. Now don't judge, anyone who claims that there is a Santa Claus does the same! In Holland, we call him Sinterklaas (coincidence?) and he celebrates his birthday on December 5th. He arrives about three weeks before that date with his helpers, called Zwarte Piet ("Black Pete", a coloured man who hauls Sinterklaas' luggage, and the subject of many a political discussion, I might add!). Before his birthday, children can put their shoe in front of the fireplace and Zwarte Piet will come at night and give them a present.

Last saturday, Sinterklaas arrived in The Netherlands with his steamboat and yesterday our munchkin was allowed to put her shoe by the back door (no fireplace, we have to make do though). Sinterklaas gave her a box of watercolour paint!!! So today, of course we had to paint...

These are her first works of art! I am such a proud mommy!


Our little artist at work!!!


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  1. Hoi trotse moeder, ik kom even op je blog. Het is een mooie tijd en zeker als de kids nog diep gelovig zijn.
    grt, Helmi