3 november 2010

What? Who?

Did you notice? It's not hard to see what blog this is!!! I used the birdie and the leaves and branch I showed you yesterday to make different birdies and a tree branch for the birds to sit on. I'm still not satisfied, but I think it looks better than the previous one! What do you think?

And yet, I still had time to start a new drawing. This time I am experimenting with indian ink and colour pencil on drawing paper. It's hard to find a subject without drawing the same thing over and over, so instead of birds and trees I chose flowers. It's far from finished, and the lighting sucks again (we had a really dark day today, no sun, only clouds and rain) so I hope I can show you more tomorrow.


Have a nice day!

1 opmerking:

  1. Hé, mooi nieuw "bovenkantje"! Ziet er goed uit!
    Nee, zulk soort dingen lukt me (nog) niet ... heb al genoeg aan het posten op zich ;-)