9 november 2010

Little red riding hood

Yesterday I told you that my little girl wants to be LRRH (Little red riding hood). I wanted to give you all a great gift idea in the fairy tale category!!!

Some time ago I bought a pop-up book called (oh yes) Little Red Riding Hood. It is the most gorgeous book EVER!!! I put it away for adult use only, because it's really, really delicate and the picture of the big bad wolf pops up so much that I think it would scare my little LRRH-wannabe.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pics from the book with you, because it was so beautifully made, and everyone should have it! Feast your eyes on this!


Info on the book:
Author: Louise Rowe
Title: Roodkapje (Dutch translation, original title Little Red Riding Hood)
ISBN: 9044328603

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