25 oktober 2010

A butterfly flutters by...

Do you love a butterfly? My little girl does, and I always pretend that I can't catch them, because I really just don't want to... They are so beautiful and delicate, I don't want to hurt them. But gosh, would they look nice on my walls!

Some time ago, I was borderline obsessed by Origami (the same way I am now obsessed by binding books). My favorite design was a delicate butterfly. In The Netherlands we have this awesome magazine called Flow, they always have little gifts that make me behave like a mad person, because they are just too cute. Little notebooks, posters, stickers and yes.... This month, they have origami paper! It is even double sided, so my butterflies will be extra nice. To thank them for all the work that they do, I am making butterflies out of the origami paper, to make a mobile and send that to them.

Who knows, maybe they will take a look at my blog...

Anyway, I can't leave you today without showing you the result of my recent handywork. Sorry about the dark pics, but I took them at 11 pm, so I had to make do with very bad lighting... I love these little guys, I hope you do too!

The pics do look very festive, don't you think? Maybe I'll make some butterflies to decorate the christmas tree this year...


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