11 oktober 2010


Since I figured out how to make a decent book, I have not been able to think about anything else... Since I am also addicted to cute and retro fabrics, I have lots of books to make! Sometimes (about twice a day ;-) ) I see a fabric that I want, no NEED to have, and I buy a decent piece, I start hogging it just because it would be a shame to use it... Now I know what to do with them!

Last week I made a book that I absolutely adored, and I put it on Etsy, and since then I had over ninety views and even six hearts on it. But no sales!!! In this case, I would not mind to use it as my own journal... But I have so many ideas in my head that it hurts...

Anyway, this is the book that I am most proud of (so far). Hope you love it too!!!


On Geninnes Art Blog I found a free embroidery pattern... I love her stuff so much that I am going to use that on a sketch paper notebook, and see if I can send it to her as a gift... Let's see...

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