19 oktober 2010

I Heart Books

Yesterday, I showed you my experiment with the fabric crayons and the sewing machine. I was not completely satisfied, so I made another one. Good thing I still had some interiors, so I could make it into a book today while the kids were asleep (oh yes! They napped at the same time! Yay!). I also finished the cover with the two birdies that I showed you last week. Remember this one?


And this is what I made with the crayons! I loved it so much that I decided I would do a large panel, like 50 by 50 cm, and frame it for my living room. Not sure what to draw yet, though. Anyway, this is the book!


I am very pleased with the pictures! Tomorrow, I might just give you a sneak peek into my awesome photo studio...

See you soon! Have a nice day!

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