29 oktober 2010


We had a trip to Ikea today. The munchkin grew out of her crib so we had to buy her a new bed today. We found a very nice one, but since we had to change her room, I didn't have any time for anything creative.

I did get some questions about the origami butterflies. I am so glad you like them! Of course I didn't think of them myself, I learned how to make them watching a clip on youtube, but that clip seems to have been removed. There are quite a few steps to follow, but I'll try to make some instructions. It will take some time, because it's quite complicated, but I'm sure we will manage.

To be sure that my instructions are clear, I'll post my instructions for an origami envelope tomorrow. They are really easy to make, but just think how cute these would look as a gift tag on your christmas gifts!!!


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