13 oktober 2010

A trip to the craftstore

Today no pictures... I know, a blog with pictures is way more fun, but today I didn't have time to make anything new. Yet. But it's not like I sat at home, staring out the window (as if I would have time for that, with my 2-year old running around... As we speak, she is trying to dive off the sofa, even though I mentioned that the landing might hurt). We went to the craft store! I made some cute little books yesterday, using different kinds of paper and double sided cardstock, and I decided that I would make a couple as a kind of diary, so I can write a small message when they say or do something funny or remarkable. And then I went shopping for new paper and cardstock, because I thought it would be fun to use a different one every time.

Also, I am working on a photo album for my kids. I plan to use it only for birthday pictures, one page per year. I haven't decided on how to make the cover yet. Maybe I'll ask for your help tomorrow and make a few samples...

OK then, a picture of what I made yesterday... I know, I can't help myself...


See you again soon!

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