23 oktober 2010

No news today...

Today I cleaned out my bookcase. I have a habit of putting all kinds of little things that I need to put out of the reach of the Dynamic Duo on the little space that you have on the shelves, right in front of the books. Every now and then, every little spot is taken, and I really need to de-clutter... So today was D-day, and I found all kinds of things that I thougt were lost.

Like a few notebooks that I bought some time ago. They were pretty expensive, so I have been putting of using them, in my head it would be a shame to write or draw in something that expensive. You can only use it once, right?

At that exact moment, I decided to mark down all the notebooks in my Etsy shop. I don't need to make a profit. I just want to make cute things that make people happy. And if that means that I get enough out of it to buy new materials, that is enough for me. So check out my sale!

Notebooks are made to make notes, or cute little drawings, or whatever...! So please buy them, use them and let them make you happy!

Hmmmm... No picture in this message... That is really not like me... I'll try to make it up to you tomorrow!!!

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