6 oktober 2010

What do I like most...?

So many times, I have tried to keep a blog, or a journal, but every time I stop writing because I lose interest or because I don't have the time or I'm just too tired. Right  now, for example, my two year old daughter is pinching my arm because she wants me to put on her slippers, or because she wants to play with her brother, or because she just wants attention.

I used to make lots and lots of goodies, from stuffed animals to baby clothes, maternity wear and curtains. Then my daughter was born and I started to make all kinds of baby-things, from bibs to diaper bags and name tags. From that moment, everything that I needed for my baby and could not find, I made myself. I noticed that more people found the things I made useful, so I kept making them. A little shop was born!!!

That was not the only thing that was born!!! This year, I gave birth to a baby boy! So I had to say goodbye to any kind of me-time, and with that, all the crafty things I did...

But creating stuff is like an itch, it stays with you until you find the time to scratch it...

I hope that SOMEONE will find the time to read my blog, and see the things that I love and make... Who knows, maybe you will love them too!!!

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