14 oktober 2010

New paper, new projects

As always, a trip to the craftstore is enough to put me in a frenzy!!! All those gorgeous coulours and textures... So I started to make a couple of new books as soon as I got up this morning. And I started the embroidery on a new cover, with my own little bird design. To give you an impression what a book looks like before it's an actual book...

The leftovers from the pages... Any suggestions what I can do with those?

The pages of the book

The piece of fabric that will be the cover
Oh, and I sold a book again!!! I am so proud!!!

The Geninne book will be on its way to Mexico tomorrow...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely! Are there instructions for book making online that you can recommend? Sounds like your Etsy shop is going well, brilliant! I'd better go and have a look! :D

  2. There are some great resources on the web, the ones I know are all in Dutch, so I'm not sure they will be any help. There are some great manuals though, I'm sure that you can find some in a decent bookstore!

    BTW, it's not as hard as it looks...!

  3. Dag Maaike,
    Wat een mooie boekjes maak jij! Geweldig. Toevallig kwam ik langs jou blog, leuk zeg.
    Ik ben benieuwt welke "resources " je dan int nederlands gebruikt. Ik hou van alles van papier en maak zelf ook wel eens boekjes. Maar om het echt goed te kunnen begin ik in januari aan een cursus boekbinden. Zou het leuk vinden als je de sites kan laten weten.
    Groetjes Karin